Family History

The Old School House

The old school house has been torn away 
It stood there many a day
It stood by the stream that gave it its name
The dear old school house on Rock Spring
Some said our school must forever close
And the people, with a mighty protest arose!
Tom Ammonett spoke with a voice loud and clear
“They will never take it away while I’m here.”
Our community would never be the same
Without our school on Rock Spring
For seventy years, I’ve watched children come and go at will
To the little schoolhouse at the foot of the hill.

Why did they tear it away?
It was like all things – it had had its day.
Time changes everything
So it changed our schoolhouse on Rock Spring
The old house had useless grown
Its walls were leaning - its roof most gone
Rafters and sleepers resting one o’re one
Like the folded hand when the work is done
They built a new one on the same ground
But for me, it won’t have the thrill
That the old house had at the foot of the hill

The change would mean very little to the stranger
As he passed along the way –
But for a pupil of other days,
He would stop in amazement, wonder and say
“I can’t see why they tore it away.
It should have stood as a memento
To the good old days of long ago.”
But many a sacred memory will linger still
Around the site of the old school house at the foot of the hill.”
And when I, like the old school house, have had my day
And the time comes for me to go away
I ‘d like to be buried, if it by Thy will,
Near the site of the old school house
At the foot of the hill

Mrs. H. T. Denny (ca 1954)

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