This site is dedicated to my grandsons, who are the joy of my life.  As I begin this effort (late 2003), they are less than one year old and haven’t yet developed those personality traits, behavior patterns, hair styles, and clothing tastes that are unlikely to conform to my definition of what is reasonable or appropriate. If I am so blessed, maybe I will live long enough to be able to gripe about their tastes in clothing and for them to conclude that “old man” is way out of touch with modern times and just doesn’t understand.  And they will be correct, I won’t. Hopefully, when they are old enough to be grandfathers, they will remember me with respect (maybe even fondness), and, who knows, may even be able to recognize some of my physical traits when they look in the mirror and utter some inane expression they picked up from me (perhaps via their mothers) but have forgotten what it really means, but seems appropriate to the circumstance at hand.

My Story

This is an effort to capture personal recollections of what it was like as a youngster in the days of mule-drawn plows and wagons, no indoor plumbing, and no central heat nor air conditioning.

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